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Welcome to the Goat online dashboard.
Here, you can configure a variety of Goat settings for your Discord servers.

Additionally, users can view leaderboards, as well as view the Goat rich list, play various games and check and claim rewards.

About Goat

Check out the about page to Learn More about Goat and his many features.

Goat Settings

Goat settings is where you configure all guild-specific Goat settings.
We recommend checking the Goat Settings page periodically for new features.


Goat provides a significant number of commands for a variety of tasks.
All available commands are listed on the Commands page.

Goat status

You can get various statistics for goat on the status page.
Statistics include bot version, guild count and resource usage.

Goat Status

Privacy Policy

Goat is governed by a privacy policy.
The privacy policy outlines the various data Goat collects and uses.
Check out the Goat Privacy Policy to learn more.

Goat services

If you are a Goat user, you can take advantage of the following services:

Goat Bot Listings

Goat and the Goat support server are listed on various Discord bot lists.
You can vote for Goat on most bot lists to help him gain popularity.
You will additionally earn 10000 Goat coins for each vote you submit.

Check out the Goat Bot Listings to vote for Goat.

Goat Profiles

You can view your Goat Profile online.
If you have not yet customised your Goat Profile, use the editprofile command.

You must be logged in to view your Goat Profile.

Embed Builder

The web based Embed Builder is the perfect way to send an embedded message to a channel on any of your Discord servers.
You can customise your embedded messages the same way you would using the embed command.

Embed Builder

Goat coins balance

You can check your Goat coins balance online.

You must be logged in to check your Goat coins balance.

Goat rewards

You can check your Goat rewards cooldowns online.
You can also claim your Dashboard Daily reward.

You must be logged in to check your Goat rewards cooldowns.

Goat games

You can play some of Goat's games online.
Note that you can only play with the balance in your wallet.


Goat rich list

You can view the Goat rich list online.

You must be logged in to view the Goat rich list.

Goat leaderboards

You can view the Goat leaderboards for each guild Goat is a member of.
The online leaderboards provide much more information than the leaderboard command.

Goat Leaderboards


Lots of time and effort goes in to building and maintaining Goat.
We would be grateful if you could find it in your heart to donate a small amount to the cause.
Your donations help keep Goat healthy, well fed and surrounded by loyal support staff and moderators.
They also enable us to provide all of Goat's features free of charge, with no premium subscriptions.

Donate To Goat


Get support for Goat on the official Goat bot - Support Server.

Goat ♑♑♑

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