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Goat commands

Goat has a wide variety of commands available.
You'll find commands for administration/moderation, fun/economy, music, utilities and action.

Select a category to view commands.

Administration and moderation

Administration and moderation commands enable rapid, comprehensive management of your Discord servers.

Command Name Aliases Enabled Description Usage
addrole None true Adds a role to a user. addrole <user> <role name (don't mention the role)>
announce None true Sends an announcement to the specified channel. announce <channel> <announcement>
backup None true Create, restore, destroy or get information about a backup of your Discord server. backup <create/restore/destroy>
ban None true Bans the mentioned user. ban <user> <reason>
channel None true Manages channels and creates or deletes stage instances. channel <create> <text|voice|stage|news|category> <name> <category_ID (Optional)> | <delete> <channel_id/mention> | <rename|clone> <channel_id/mention> <new_channel_name> | <category> <channel_id/mention> <category_id> | <topic> <channel_id/mention> <new_topic (Optional)> | <nsfw> <channel_id/mention> <enable|disable> | <position> <channel_id/mention> <numerical_position> | <createstage> <channel_id/mention> <privacy_level> <stage_topic> | <deletestage> <channel_id/mention>
clearwarns unwarn true Clear a user's warnings. clearwarns <@user>
dm None true Sends a DM to a user. dm <user> <message>
embed None true Create an embedded message using the Goat Embed Builder, either in the current channel or any other channel you mention. embed <channel (Optional)>
forceban hackban true Force ban a user. forceban <user> <reason>
kick None true Kicks the mentioned user. kick <user> <reason>
lockdown None true Lock the current channel down for all users, a specific user or a specific role. lockdown | lockdown <role> | lockdown <user>
move None true Move a user between voice channels. move <user> <channel ID>
mute unmute true mutes or unmutes a mentioned user mute <mute|unmute> <user> <reason>
poll None true Create a poll in the specified channel. poll <channel> <poll content>
purge prune true Purges a specified number of messages from a given channel. purge <all|bots|user|author> <user (Only with user parameter)> <amount> <channel (Optional)>
reactionroles reactionrole,rr true Add, edit, remove or view reaction roles. reactionroles <add|edit|remove|view> <message_id> <role_id/mention> <emoji>
reddit None true Create or remove a Reddit watcher in the current channel. reddit <create> <reddit_url> | <delete> | <info>
rehomeserver rehomeguild true Changes ownership of the current guild. rehomeserver <member>
removerole None true Removes a role from a user. It works the same as as adding a role to a user. removerole <user> <role (don't mention the role)>
rename None true Rename the mentioned user. rename <user|userID> <newname>
renameserver renameguild true Renames the current guild. renameserver <new guild name>
role None true Manages server roles. role <create|delete> <role name/mention> | <rename> <role_name/mention> <new_role_name> | <colour> <role_name/mention> <colour> | <icon> <role_name/mention> <icon/emoji> | <emoji> <role_name/mention> <emoji> | <hoisted|mentionable> <role_name/mention> <enable|disable> | <position> <role_name/mention> <numerical_position>
say None true Sends a message in the name of Goat. say <message>
setlevel None true Set a user's Goat level. setlevel <user> <level>
settings None true Setup Goat or update Goat settings for this server. settings <dashboard|current|template|upload (file upload)>
slowmode None true Enable or disable slowmode in the current channel. slowmode <percentage (5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 100 or off)> <reason>
softban None true Soft Bans the mentioned user for 7 days. softban <user> <reason>
sticky None true Create or remove a sticky message in the current channel. sticky <create> <text|embed> <message> | <delete> | <info>
tempmute softmute true Temporary mute the mentioned user. tempmute <user> <time>
thread None true Creates, deletes, renames and manages archiving, locking and membership for threads. thread <create> <public|private|news> <name> <auto-archive_duration (Hours)> <reason> | <delete> <thread_name> | <rename> <old_thread_name> <new_thread_name> | <archive|unarchive|lock|unlock|join|leave> <thread_name> | <addmember|removemember> <thread_name> <member|role>
timedlockdown None true This will lock a channel down for the set duration, be it in hours, minutes or seconds. timedlockdown <duration>
unban None true Unbans the user. unban <user> <reason>
unlockdown None true Lift a lockdown in the current channel for all users, a specific user or a specific role. unlockdown | unlockdown <role> | unlockdown <user>
warn None true Issues a warning to the mentioned user. warn <@username> <reason>
warnlevel None true Show how many warnings a user has. warnlevel <@user>

Music playback

Music playback commands enable you to play music and manage the server queue.

Command Name Aliases Enabled Description Usage
autoplay None true Toggles autoplay on/off. autoplay
clearqueue None true Clears all songs from the music queue. clearqueue
filter setfilter true Sets the music filter. filter <3d|bassboost|echo|karaoke|nightcore|vaporwave> <Off>
join connect,summon true Joins Goat to the voice channel you are currently in. join
jump None true Jumps to a specific track number in the queue. jump <number>
leave disconnect,dc true Disconnects Goat from a voice channel. leave
loop loops true Toggle between music loop modes. loop
lyrics None true Fetches lyrics for the currently playing song. lyrics
nowplaying np true Gets the currently playing song. nowplaying
pause None true Pauses music playback. pause
play p true Plays music from a variety of sources including Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify and many more. play <Song Name / URL>
player None true Create an interactive player to control music playback. player
playnext pn true Plays music from a variety of sources including Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify and many more, adding the song to the start of the queue. playnext <Song Name / URL>
playqueue None true Plays a saved music queue belonging to you or another user. playqueue | playqueue <user>
playthis None true Plays an uploaded audio file. playthis
previous prev true Skipps to the previous track in the queue. previous
queue None true Gets the current music queue. queue
remove None true Removes a song from the music queue. remove <song-number>
removequeue None true Removes your existing saved music queue. removequeue
resume None true Resumes music playback. resume
savequeue None true Saves the current que for future playing by you or your friends. savequeue
seek None true Seek to a different track position. seek <seconds>
shuffle None true Shuffles the queue. shuffle
skip next true Skipps to the next track in the queue. skip
stop None true Stops music playback. stop
volume vol true Sets the music playback volume. volume <number from 1 to 100>

Economy and fun

Goat includes numerous economy related commands including plenty of games.

Command Name Aliases Enabled Description Usage
8ball None true Ask Goat a Question. 8ball <question>
advice None true get life advice advice
balance bal,coins true Check a user's Goat coins balance. balance | balance <user>
bank None true Deposit or withdraw Goat coins using the Goat Bank. bank <deposit|withdraw> <amount>
bunny None true Get a random picture of a bunny. bunny
cat None true Sends a random cat cat
claim None true Claim your reward for joining my support server. **Only available in the official Goat support server.** claim
coinflip None true Guess if my coin will land on heads or tails for a chance of doubling your money. coinflip <heads|tails> <amount>
comic None true Generate a random comic. comic
compliment None true Gives you a compliment. compliment
cooldowns cd true Check your daily, weekly, monthly, work, Dashboard Daily, Goat key redemption and Ssupport server vote cooldown times as well as your support reward claim status. cooldowns
daily None true Claim your daily allowance of Goat coins. daily
dog None true Get a random picture of a Dog. dog
double None true Play a game of double with Goat, with a chance of winning 4 times your stake. double <amount>
fight None true Challenge a user to a fight for Goat coins. fight <user> <amount>
fox None true Get a random picture of a Fox. fox
gamble bet true Gamble for a chance of winning more coins, or not. gamble <amount>
goat None true Get a random picture of a Goat. goat
goatiac None true Find out your Goatiac sign and personality traits. goatiac <month> <day>
goatrace race true Challenge a user to a goat race for Goat coins. goatrace <user> <amount>
goats repgoats true Check a user's Reputation Goat herd size and value. goats|goats <user>
guess None true Guess a random number between 1 and 5 for a chance of doubling your coins. guess <number> <amount>
jackpot None true Start, join, add to the stake or get information about a jackpot game. jackpot | jackpot <start> <amount> <time> | jackpot <join|add> <amount>
joke None true Sends a Horrible joke that makes you cringe. joke
leaderboard None true Show the Goat Levels leaderboard for the current guild. leaderboard
level None true Check a user's Goat level in the current guild. level | level <user>
meme None true Generate a random meme. meme
monthly None true Claim your monthly allowance of Goat coins. monthly
pay give true Pay someone with Goat coins. pay <<user> <amount>
quote None true Get a random quote. quote
redeem None true Redeem Goat keys for Goat coins. redeem <key>
rich richest,millionair true Get the top 50 richest Goat users. rich
roll None true Rolls a die. dice
rps None true Rock, Paper, Scissors. rps <rock|paper|scissors>
slots None true Play a game of slots with Goat for a chance of doubling your Goat coins, or not. slots <amount>
tradegoats None true Trade your Reputation Goat herd for Goat coins. Only allowed for herds of 100 or more Reputation Goats. tradegoats
trivia None true Answer a trivia question correctly for a chance of doubling your money, or not. trivia <amount>
urban None true Search urban dictionary urban <word>
weekly None true Claim your weekly allowance of Goat coins. weekly
work None true Join the Goat workforce and earn coins. work
wouldyourather wyr true Sends a random would you rather question. wouldyourather


Goat includes plenty of utilities ranging from server information commands to currency and unit conversion commands. Check out the unique list of commands below.

Command Name Aliases Enabled Description Usage
about None true Get more information about the bot. about
afk None true Give me an AFK message to give to anyone who mentions you or let me know you're back. afk <enable|on> <message> | afk <disable|off>
avatar None true Fetches a user's avatar. avatar <user>
bmi None true Calculate Your BMI. ?bmi <weight in kilograms> <height in centimetres>
bug None true Reports a bug in Goat. bug <bug report>
calculate calc,calculator,math true perform simple and complex mathematical equations. calculate <equation>
channelinfo threadinfo true Displays information about a channel or thread. channelinfo | channelinfo <channel>
covid corona true Track country-wide COVID19 cases. covid <country|all>
credits None true Shows information about Goat's contributors. credits
currency None true Convert between currencies with highly accurate results. currency <amount> <Base currency> <Target currency>
dashboard None true Access the Goat Dashboard. dashboard
editprofile None true Edit your Goat profile. editprofile
hastebin pastebin true Post a code snippit to Hastebin. hastebin <code>
help h,commands,cmd true Get a list of Goat commands or get help on a specific command. help | help <command>
invite invitation true Get more information about how to invite me to your server. invite
morse None true Converts a message in to morse code. morse <message>
permissions perms true Display the current Discord server permissions for yourself or another user. permissions | permissions <user>
ping None true Ping/Pong command to test server response time. ping
profile None true View a user's Goat profile. profile | profile <user>
randomuser None true Returns a random user from a specified role. randomuser <role>
reminder None true Set a reminder and get a DM when it is due. reminder <time (1s, 1m, 1h)> <reminder>
report None true Report a member on the server to the administrators. report <user> <report reason>
roleinfo None true Displays information about a role. roleinfo <role>
serverinfo guildinfo true Displays information about the server. serverinfo
shorten None true Shorten a URL. shorten <URL>
stats status true Displays bot's statistics. stats
suggest None true Submit a Goat feature suggestion. suggest <suggestion>
support None true Get support for Goat by joining the support server. support
timer None true Create a timer. timer <time>
unit convert true Convert units of measurement with highly accurate results. unit <amount> <Base unit> <Target unit>
uptime None true Shows how long the bot has been online for. uptime
userinfo user,userstats true Displays information about a user. userinfo <user>
vote upvote true Vote for Goat and the Goat Support Server. vote
weather None true Gives You The Weather For a specific Place. weather <temperature unit (C|F)> <location>
zodiac None true Find out the zodiac sign associated with a given month and day. zodiac <month> <day>


Goat includes various action commands to enable virtual interaction with your friends.
Some of the available action commands use unique imagery related to goats.

Command Name Aliases Enabled Description Usage
cry sad true Use when you are sad and want to tell the world. cry
feed cake true Feeds someone OwO feed
hammer None true Gives you a hammer to throw at a user. hammer
headbutt None true Headbutts someone. headbutt <user>
highfive None true High fives someone. highfive <user>
hug cuddle true Hugs someone, or a group of people. hug <user> | <user1> <user2> <user3> etc
kiss None true Kisses someone. kiss <user>
pat None true Pats someone. pat <user>
poke None true Pokes someone. poke <user>
punch None true Punches a user. punch <user>
respect rep true Pay your respect to the server, or give a user your daily Reputation Goat. respect|respect <user>
slap None true Slaps someone. slap <user>
smack None true Smacks a user. smack <user>
smug None true Smugs xD smug
wave hi true Say hello to a user. wave <@user>
wink None true Winks at someone. wink <user>


Get support for Goat on the official Goat bot - Support Server.

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